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Pre-Made Meals


Ready to Eat Individually Portioned Meals from one of the Finest Kitchens in the Kansas City Area.  Get your delicious, nutritious, pre prepared meals 3 ways...

Pickup location (Iron Horse Bar and Grill - 5317 W. 151st Street Leawood Kansas 66224) - 913-701-6943
Pickup location (Hormone Treatment Centers - 9820 Metcalf Ave. STE 110 Overland Park Kansas 66212) - 913-217-7244
Delivery (Door Dash, UberEats, Grub Hub) under Iron Horse Bar and Grill. 

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a plate of food with broccoliSalmon Patties / Broccoli / Veggie Mix - HEALTHY HORSE - $13.00
6oz fresh salmon mixed with onion, dill, egg, and panko, 6oz of broccoli florets and cherry tomatoes, 6oz of veggie mix, 521 total calories; 29.53g protein; 45.27g carbs; 21.05g fat
a plastic container filled with meat and vegetablesGrilled Rosemary Chicken / Rice / Veggie Mix - HEALTHY HORSE - $13.00
6oz rosemary chicken, 6oz cilantro and lime rice with cherry tomatoes, 6 oz veggie mix, 546 total calories; 44.81g protein; 72.97g carbs; 4.53g fat
a bunch of food on a plateGrilled Herb Glazed Salmon / Asparagus / Veggie Mix - HEALTHY HORSE  - $14.00
6oz of grilled herb glazed salmon, 4oz grilled asparagus, 6oz mixed veggies, 1.5oz of dill caper sauce, 478 total calories; 42.66g protein; 28.37g carbs; 19.82g fat
a tray of food on a plateGrilled Angus Steak / Rice / Zucchini - HEALTHY HORSE - $14.00
4oz grilled angus steak, 6oz cilantro and lime rice with cherry tomatoes, 4oz gilled zucchini, with 2oz chimichurri, 536 total calories; 28.81g protein; 52.97g carbs; 20.53g fat

Your Favorite Restaurant the "IRON HORSE" has partnered with the Medical Staff at the "HORMONE TREATMENT CENTERS" in Overland Park Kansas to bring precooked, preportioned balanced meals.  

The key to heathly living is eating the right calories and the right levels of macronutirents.  This is FOOD for GOOD HEALTH we want to make a positive impact on the people we love in our communit

Our GOAL is to have grab-n-go, fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals ready for our customers.  These meals support the health and nutrition programs ran by the medical professionals at the Hormone Treatment Centers. Our chefs have carefully prepared some of our guest favorite meal choices.

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